Zigzagging Light Of Unknown Origin Spotted In Hawaii

Zigzagging light of unknown origin spotted in Hawaii (Updated)

There's nothing more befuddling than looking up at the sky and seeing a strange light appear out of nowhere. Your adult brain tells you it can't be what you want it to be, but when you check with adult-brained officials, they're clueless too. That's what just happened in Hawaii. A mysterious zigzagging light popped up out of nowhere and no one knows what is it or where it came from.

The US Navy says that there were no military operations happening at the time that can explain the light. The US Coast Guard says it's not likely to be distress flares. According to Hawaii News Now, the light first started off really bright and then cut into a zigzag pattern (which you can see above in a photograph taken by Rod Castro Jr).

Here's a closer shot of it, from Tim Clark:

Zigzagging light of unknown origin spotted in Hawaii (Updated)

So if no one knows what's up, I guess I'll just have to consult my own adult brain which rules out UFOs which means it has to be dragons, right? You can see more pictures of the mysterious light here.

Update: The US Navy is saying now it was an Aegis missile test launch.

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