A Giant Toolbox That Doubles As A Portable Workbench

A Giant Toolbox That Doubles as a Portable Workbench

What good is having the right tools for the job if you have nowhere to do the work? Milwaukee has realised that having a handy place to use your tools is just as important as an easy way to transport them, so the company has added a compact workbench to the lid of its capacious 26-inch Work Box.

In addition to a cleverly designed folding handle that also lets you secure materials in a long groove on the lid for safer cutting, the weatherproof and debris-proof toolbox features pockets in its inside corners that help prevent tools from sliding around when it's being transported.

A Giant Toolbox That Doubles as a Portable Workbench

Arriving in June, the $US40 toolbox is actually designed to last for years. The lid's exterior hinges feature protective buttresses to deflect dropped items that would otherwise destroy them, while the latches are recessed to ensure they're hard to accidentally knock open. It might actually take better care of your tools than you do. [Milwaukee via Werd]

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