Would You Trust A 3D Printer To Give You A Tattoo?

3D printer

After writing a bunch of software, initial experiments with ink and simulated skin proved successful. So they did what any sane adult would do, and modified the printer further to create real tattoos on real skin. Amazingly, they found a “lot of people” who were “excited by the idea of being the first human tattooed by a ‘robot’.”

There are obviously difficulties, chief among them keeping the skin taut and flat during the procedure. And the printer can’t create the intricate works of most tattoos — it’s limited to simple geometric outlines like circles — but it can, and does, create permanent tattoos on real human flesh. So, it’s no replacement for a professional tattoo artist, and it’s certainly only for the brave. But would you give it a try? [Instructables via New Scientist]