Who Should Control The Internet?

Who Should Control The Internet?

This week, the world’s nations gather to discuss the influence the US wields over the internet and in particular ICANN — the web’s logistical core. But who, exactly, should have the keys to the internet?

The US Department of Commerce has already agreed to give up its control of ICANN — the body which coordinates the internet’s global domain name system — and at a meeting at Net Mundial in Brazil this week it will discuss with the world’s nations what should happen next. Sadly, there’s not a lot of accord on what direction to head in.

Some US and EU political figures think the power should remain in American hands; some nations, such as Russia and China, believe that the United Nations should take charge. One compromise, which the US and a number of other countries support, is a multi-stakeholder approach, where private enterprise, academia and government all have a say.

It remains to be seen where responsibility for ICANN and, essentially, the internet will lie. But who do you think should have the keys? [WSJ]

Picture: Chris Harrison