Which Superhero Had The Coolest And Best Secret Headquarters?

Being a superhero is the best job in the world. Not only do you save the world and get the girl and receive the world’s adulation, you’re also somehow rich enough (even though you’re above the idea of money) to have a sick secret headquarters that every kid dreams about. And although your hero headquarters are typically less extravagant than your villain’s lair, they’re still prime real estate. Here is a list showing you which hero had the best headquarters.

The interactive infographic of superhero headquarters comes from Movoto (which made a similar breakdown for villains). You’ll see each headquarters listed by size with details like which hero it belongs to and a brief description on what’s inside.

Here are a few famous HQs:

And here is the full infographic showing 35 superhero hideouts. If you want to see the individual description on each headquarters, head over to Movoto’s website. The coolest is always the Batcave, right?