Watch Greens Senator Scott Ludlam DJ A Nightclub

Watch Greens Senator Scott Ludlam DJ A Nightclub

I never thought I’d see the day where a Senator up for re-election decides to DJ a nightclub to engage with the youth. But then again, Australian politics has never seen someone like Greens Senator Scott Ludlam who became DJ S-Ludz as part of a nightclub campaign rally this week. Now we have video of said rally, and it’s pretty rad.

Western Australian voters return to the polls on Saturday to recast their votes in the controversial Senate election over there, and Ludlam is doing all he can to score votes in the final stretch.

That meant heading out to Capitol nightclub and jumping on the wheels of steel.

Skip to about one minute into the video above to see Ludlam take to the decks.

Now we know someone can DJ better than John Howard (language warning).