Watch A Pro Golfer Knock A Drone From The Sky With One Golf Ball

Shooting down a flying drone is challenging even for machine gun-wielding sharpshooters. But professional golfer Keegan Bradley just made it look easy, swatting a DJI Phantom out of the sky with just a well-aimed golf ball. Thankfully, the quadcopter was carrying a GoPro, so we could see the whole thing unfold. Poor drone.

The story, according to the YouTube description, is that Bradley got fed up with the drone’s buzzing and decided to switch from putting practice to target practice. On the fourth attempt, he nails it. I get the sneaking feeling this wasn’t completely impromptu, but even if it was all staged, that kind of target accuracy is pretty damned impressive. Golfer 1, Drone 0. [Putnam Investments via PetaPixel]