Watch A Helicopter Do The Impossible And Fly Upside Down

World class pilot Chuck Aaron makes helicopters fly upside down. That sounds crazy, because it is. And watching this new video of Aaron doing barrel rolls and defying physics in midair will make your stomach turn.

It seems impossible, because it is — with a normal helicopter anyways. However, Aaron wanted to try aerobatic maneuvers in a helicopter bad enough that he got funding from Red Bull to build a highly customised, ultra lightweight chopper that can handle tricks you’re used to seeing fighter jets do. Of course, the helicopter is now a flying Red Bull ad, but it’s a flying Red Bull ad that can do the impossible.

The sponsorship also gave Aaron, a self-identified daredevil, the opportunity to become the world’s first pilot licensed to perform aerobatic maneuvers in a helicopter. Based on how harrowing those tricks look, he’s probably be the only one for a while. Evel Knievel would be proud.