Video: See The Oculus Rift Get Dismantled Piece By Piece

Jake Roper, of YouTube channel VSauce3, is great at pulling things apart. After tearing down a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he's turned his attention to the Oculus Rift, the now-Facebook-owned VR headset that is the current darling child of virtual reality enthusiasts. This great stop-motion video shows Roper taking the Rift to pieces and marking each component, so you'll learn a few things along the way.

First spotted by the guys at Kotaku, and following on from the PS4 and Xbox One teardowns, VSauce3's YouTube video of Oculus Rift deconstruction is both fun to watch and educational.

IF you were ever interested in the hardware and the physics behind the Oculus Rift's two-lens, motion-tracking, mind-bending virtual reality, check out the video below posted yesterday by VSauce3.

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