US Army Compares New Hacker School To 'The Birth Of The Air Force'

U.S. Army Compares New Hacker School To

Over the next three years, the US Army will be filling its brand new cyber warfare institute at West Point with the best and brightest hackers it can find. Not just hackers, however: the institute will bring together psychologists, lawyers, mathematicians — anyone who can help the United States win the inevitable cyber war.

It sounds a bit bombastic to talk about cybersecurity that way, but the US Army is not messing around. Col. Greg Conti, the chairman of the new Army Cyber Institute, compares the new cyber warriors to the pilots that once made up the US Army Air Corps. "I think we're building a unique team that's never been done before," Conti told the Army Times. "It's a very exciting time," he added. "It feels a bit like we're at the birth of the Air Force, like we're that kind of historic era."

Historic, indeed. President Obama's taken the threat of cyber warfare very seriously, not only naming potential targets but actually ordering devastating attacks. The Army Cyber Institute, which will be headquartered at the West Point Military Academy, will recruit about 25 people a year to help the US prepare to defend against these threats and mount the attacks that will give the US an advantage. The Army Times likens it to a sort of "cyber Ranger School" that "will be defining how cyber warfare is waged".

Thinking about soldiers in fatigues staring at screens sure gives new meaning to that whole "Army of One" slogan, doesn't it? [Army Times]

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    Historical? I thought China already did this?

    Anyways. The more war is fought online the better. Far less loss of life can be achieved and state heads can still feel good about themselves.

      Yes; there will be far less loss of life when enemies hack into and interfere with or destroy power networks, power plants, gas pipelines, sewerage systems, dams, hospitals, train networks, airports, traffic systems, hospitals, etc.

        What's preventing any of that from happening at the hands of one particularly skilled and aggressive hacker, right now? "No one in the world is capable." is an argument I cannot invest in.

        Dark, evil hackers that subscribe to anarchism, wanting to prove their worth by melting a nuclear power plant? Doesn't sound that farfetched to me. It's almost like the people putting these obviously-vulnerable-regardless-of-security systems on the Internet, have managed the forethought of placing offline fail-safe systems to, if not prevent damage, than minimise it.

        A supermarket has emergency power to keep their tills, security and whatnot in place. Is it so farfetched an idea that Hospitals either should or do have similar emergency responses in place? If they do not, the question should then be asked "why"? A random power outage might not come often, but they sure do happen.

        War is coming to the Internet. That's a fact. I'd prefer it waged in games, but hacking can be just as good if we're not stupid enough to put our vulnerable systems online without adequate offline protection.

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