Uber Is Testing Low-Cost UberX In Australia

Uber, the hire car service of the future, is testing a low-cost, mid-range option in Sydney known overseas as UberX.

UberX is the low-cost version of Uber that sees riders offered hybrid and mid-range cars inside the Uber ecosystem that the company assures have been stringently checked for safety and quality.

Uber customers with five-star ratings in Melbourne and Sydney are now being emailed to invite them to a private beta of the new features, which is being branded Uber Low Cost rather than UberX.

The cars on offer in the two cities for Low Cost riders include the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic and Holden Cruze. Audis, BMWs and Holden Caprice models are being reserved for Uber Black riders.

The private beta is being rolled out to 5-star riders and the top 10 per cent of the community.

Uber is telling its customers that at times, it can even be cheaper than public transport.

The full email reads:

Hey, You have been invited to test out a new, low cost Uber in Melbourne and Sydney.
Just slide left in your Uber app to select LOW COST, and you will soon be riding with another member of the Uber community in an economical vehicle such as a Toyota Prius, Honda Civic or Holden Cruze.
Rides from Prahran to the CBD could cost as little as $10, which is cheaper than a myki train ticket if you share the ride with your mates using our fare split feature.

UberX hasn't been available in Sydney before, leaving cities like Sydney and Melbourne left to choose between Uber Taxi, Uber Black (around 20 per cent more expensive than an ordinary cab) and Uber Lux (around 35 per cent more expensive than an ordinary cab).

A low-cost option had been made available to Sydney customers in recent weeks, with the company lowering the rates it charges to customers using Uber Taxi by 40 per cent between 10am and 5pm.



    You cannot be serious UBER... ive just spent 100k on cars and now you bring this un-regulated uninsured service to the industry..bad call in my opinion...

      this company does not care about its sub-contractors, please see this article below:


      they will disconnect you if you get a couple of low ratings from either a drunken passenger, or if they didn't like the look of you on the night.
      When you do Uber work you are helping them get stronger and basically you are making a deal with the devil, once they launch Uber X they will market that to the public as its cheaper than hire cars.
      You should have thought about this before you helped them, maybe its time to focus on your business and give back those Iphones.

      Your $100k cars would be a significantly more luxurious ride than what's expected with this low cost Uber trial. You won't be competing for these low cost trips anymore than hire cars already compete with Sydney's 7000 taxis.

    The public loves a cheap ride, my daughter loves soft drinks, but do I let her drink it 7 days a week? this is why we have regulation.
    This is another form of hitchhiking, has anyone seen a classic movie with Rutger Hauer called "Hitcher"
    Maybe the public should read the terms and conditions on the Uber website before using this app.
    You have no recourse, no phone number to ring, no one to complain to, they are based all the way in San Francisco, and don't even want to hear from you.

    What about surge pricing, once they take over the market and completely destroy the taxi and hire car industry , they will raise the prices every time there is a sprinkle of rain.
    I recommend that people look up "onestarride" on Twitter and see the thousands of serious complaints about Uber before using this service.

    All you need to do is Google "news for Uber" and you will see the havoc they have created around the world.


    As a frequent Uber user I just got the invite to try out the low cost.
    However I just had a look at this time of day there is only 1 available car and I am in the centre of the CBD

    I use Uber on a pretty much weekly basis mostly for taxi's
    I use the black option for trips to the airport and that too.

    I might see if I can give it a go in the coming weeks..

      Hello Bestrafe, I would urge you to check out the tweets on "onestarride" before you try out Uber X.
      Not sure if you are a man or a woman but maybe you will find this article interesting:


      Good luck

        I personally have never had an issue with Uber.
        I have had far more issues with Go Catch.
        I used a Cheap Uber in NYC and it was far cheaper to the airport than the taxi was coming in!

        You are relying on human beings , so stating a news article with a driver doing something wrong is the same as all the news articles regarding taxi drivers doing the same thing!

        How many taxi drivers have been chaged with sexual assult or rape in the last couple of years? I can think of a more than a few...

    I used an UberX (Low Cost) On monday night to get me from Artarmon to The City
    Usual Taxi Cost $33-35 - UberX $16.xx
    Was picked up in an Audi A4, Nice car with leather and was very clean.
    The driver had trouble navigating Artarmon however even taxi's usually require the same amount of direction otherwise they take the long way out.

    Was cheap and quick and the driver was polite and was able to hold a conversation

    Uber is an opportunity taker. Join them now as a driver and you make money for a while. And then suddenly there are are too many of them and you are left with no decent income to make. They don't care if there are too many drivers, so long as there are plenty customers. Try talking to management when you have a query when you work for them. You will be lucky to get an answer within 2 days., if lucky. Their workers are uncaring, rude and have absolutely no time for their drivers. The department of transport has to do its job to ban UBER in Australia. It does very little work, collects commissions on every job they dispatch and rubs their hands when the going gets tough. Ban UBER now!

    I was invited to the Uber Low Cost trial a couple weeks ago and have used it twice so far.

    It's a fantastic service, beyond convenient and offered at competitive prices. Amazing to see what innovation can do to drive competition in an industry that needed it most.

    Uber is just like any other business trying to break into a highly regulated industry. Do you think Richard Branson's vision to offer a better, more competitive service to air travel made flying better or worse? Do you think they thought he was nuts....you bet! Sure Uber is going to put some noses out of joint... But in the interests of offering a better more competitive service, this is going to happen. UBER will win as it has a global presence and a vision to offer a better service to customers....Taxi Companies & owners will need to compete like everyone else in business trying to make a buck, why should they be allowed to hide behind regulation to keep their prices high and service low. I honestly see more winners than losers in this battle. The landscape is changing they just need to change with it or they will lose in the end.
    Just my view.

    Looks like a few taxi drivers in here trying to scare the public so they can justify their overpriced licences.
    You have just as much chance getting a dodgy taxi driver as you do a dodgy uber driver and considering taxi driving is pretty much a last choice occupation I think I'd prefer an uber driver.
    It's a complimentary service to taxis and likely to be a much better quality of vehicle.

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