Turnbull: NBN Faces Massive ‘Coverage Gap’ If Plan Isn’t Changed

Turnbull: NBN Faces Massive ‘Coverage Gap’ If Plan Isn’t Changed

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has had a little while to go over the National Broadband Network documents and roll-out plans during his time in office so far, and he’s now figured out that we’re in for a bit of a problem: around 300,000 homes could miss out on the NBN if the plan isn’t changed.

In a speech delivered to the Commsday Summit today, Turnbull said that the existing plan for the National Broadband Network dramatically underestimates those who would be included in the fixed wireless and satellite networks.

The NBN originally planned to cover those who couldn’t be reached by fibre (now fibre to the node) with fixed wireless or satellite networks, but considering that NBN Co has had troubles securing spectrum in some areas and a dramatic underestimation of the amount of users that will need to be covered by the wireless network, a coverage gap containing of 300,000 homes and businesses is being projected.

That coverage gap would reportedly affect the National Broadband Network Company’s profits by up to $1.2 billion by 2021.

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