This Rolling Bear Trap Makes Awkward Flat Materials Easy To Move

A large sheet of plywood isn’t necessarily heavy, but its massive dimensions can certainly make it unwieldy to carry. And since there’s nothing wrong with the whole “work smarter not harder” mentality, this gravity-powered clamping trolley makes it super easy to just roll everything from sheets of wood, to drywall, to basically anything that will fit inside its grasp.

Minimal effort is required to get whatever you’re transporting up and into the cart. But gravity takes over after that, automatically clamping down on whatever you’re hauling so that it doesn’t slip out during transport.

You’ll also have to roll it yourself to wherever you need it to go, but that’s far less of an inconvenience than having to carry it. It’s just too bad that it looks incompatible with all staircases, so here’s to hoping your destination is on the same floor as you are. [Zieker via Core77]