A Co-Working Table With Hidden Depths

Co-working can be tough: regular users of a space have their natural sprawl, while those spending just a few hours at a desk would prefer a minimum of clutter. This desk has hidden depths to cater for all.

The ‘Co-Worker’ table is the brainchild of German designer Tobias Lugmeier, and it’s based around a neat idea: a variety of boxes and storage units rise and fall out of its surface to provide space for tools and materials. When you need things to hand, pull some boxes up; when you need a clean, flat surface to work at, push ’em back down.

The table thus allows many people to use it for whatever they require, while never really forcing anyone to tidy up after themselves. For those of us who thrive at a messy desk, it’s a huge bonus. Sadly, the table is only a concept at this stage — but we really hope it becomes reality soon. [Tobias Lugmeier via Design Boom]

Pictures: Tobias Lugmeier