This Awesome Star Wars Short Will Have You Cheering For More

There have been hundreds of Star Wars books and comics that extended the universe beyond the Return of The Jedi films, but this two-minute short brings what could be an awesome story arc to the fold in beautiful detail.

It's called Star Wars: The Apprentice, and it's a "proof-of-concept" film to show off what any film based on this idea could look like if it were picked up.

The premise of the film is simple: it's a lightsabre battle between two Jedi on a cool space station thing, but the single line of dialogue present at the end of the battle takes this from a simple CGI showreel into a potential story arc.

"You have much to learn, young Solo," the Master tells the Apprentice, who turns out to be a young girl with long braided hair a la Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa Solo.

It's no secret that Leia has some Jedi abilities from her father Anakin, and it makes sense that the child of Han and Leia would inherit said abilities.

Everyone chant this with me now: make this film!

It's a shame that JJ Abrams won't delve into the Star Wars Expanded Universe for the new films, however. Oh well.

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