These Pterodactyls Combat Jets Are So Damn Cool

These Pterodactyls Combat Jets Are So Damn Cool

I love these three concept designs for the combat jets in the sci-fi love movie Is This Heaven, directed by Bastiaan Koch. They look like pterodactyls. Are those flexible metal wings? So cool. I love how the pilot gets into them.

Here’s the movie plot:

Jack, a soldier in a future war, finds love in the after-life only to be revived, causing him to repeatedly throw himself back into the fight ever harder, seeking death.

When he is finally discharged, detained and restrained, his only hope to rejoin his love is an unlikely friendship Jack found whilst sparing an enemy’s life; a young girl named Mathilda.

But is his love real, or a figment of his imagination? For some, it does not matter, as long as it drives him to continue to win the war.

Some more concept designs:

Bastiaan Koch is a Dutch-American film director, artist and concept designer. His work includes mecha and exoskeleton robotics work with Industrial Light & Magic.

You can follow him Twitter and his production company site. You can follow the movie process in Facebook.