These Cool Architectural Pics Were Blacked Out With A Permanent Marker

White on black is a no-no in many design circles, but there are definitely exceptions to the unofficial rule — like these cool prints from Marlon de Azambuja. The Madrid-based architect took an inky permanent marker to full-colour photos, eliminating everything except for the thinnest structural silhouettes.

The transformation is part day-to-eve, a bit painting-on-velvet-minus-the-blacklight, some essence of blueprint, and a touch of rendering tossed in for good measure.

Not to mention he used some of the world’s most iconic buildings are models and muses, giving these familiar sights a whole new perspective.

I love how the stark contrasts mix with the real-world detailing left in, like the leafy trees and greenery, and only wish there were detail shots to see how these look up close. [Lustik]