The New HTC One Has A High Performance Mode Just For Benchmarks

HTC has confessed that its new HTC One is able to detect benchmark testing tools and throw more resources at them, although rather than fudge the issue as Samsung did when it was rumbled pulling the same trick, HTC says this “High Performance Mode” is actually a feature.

And to prove it, users of the new mobile are able to permanently activate this mode via a toggle within Android’s semi-hidden developer tools menu, choosing, if they don’t value their battery life, to have the new HTC One permanently idling at maximum power. So tedious social media notifications may ping up imperceptibly quicker.

HTC says this is done not to cheat benchmark testing tools and unfairly win the hearts of clock speed enthusiasts, but because: “…there may be times when the desire for performance outweighs the need for battery longevity.” [Cnet]