Sydney-Based Start-Up Campaign Monitor Raises $US250 Million

Sydney-Based Start-Up Campaign Monitor Raises $US250 Million

Sydney-based start-up Campaign Monitor has raised $US250 million, both the largest investment in Australia for a tech start-up, and also one of the longest running start-ups to receive such funding, having been up and running for a decade already.

Venture-capital firm Insight put their dollars behind Campaign Monitor, after the company had been successfully growing for a decade, and which the owners told Business Insider, has been "profitable since day one."

Campaign Monitor gives email marketers an easy template to use and a flexible pricing structure, so they can reach large or small groups of potential customers with cleverly designed emails for around one cent each. The company hasn't taken anything from investors the entire past decade, and over the course of that time, its attitude towards investment has changed.

In co-founder Dave Greiner's words:

“Five years ago I would have thought if something like this happened, ‘Great, go live on a beach’,” he told the AFR.

“But I realise now that that’s bullshit.

“You need to have a balance between time with people you love and care about outside of work but, us personally, I know I need something I’m passionate about that I can sink my teeth into,” he said.

It also looks like not too bad a place to work, with everyone getting their own private office, and perks such as chefs and baristas, gaming areas, paid conferences of your choice, and free holidays to Hawaii every year.

Care to look at their hiring page?

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