Ruslan Kogan Will Be The First Aussie To Get A BMW i8

Ruslan Kogan hasn't had a happy time on the roads in the last 12 months. The dot-com millionaire had his licence revoked for six months last year after police caught him joyriding around the Albert Park street track in Melbourne. He's vowed to make 2014 a better year behind the wheel, reportedly becoming one of the 20 Aussies to own the new BMW i8.

The BMW i8 will be coming to Australia in the coming months, and 20 Aussies are already on the waiting list for the German hybrid supercar.

We're now hearing that the first name on the list to get the i8 is none other than Australian gadget mogul, Ruslan Kogan.

It won't be a cheap purchase for Kogan, however. The price tag on the i8? Somewhere in the realm of $350,000. That's one hefty chunk of change, but not much more expensive than Ruslan's last daily driver when you think about it.

The car Ruslan had impounded last year was his BMW M6 Gran Coupé convertible. He was threatened with jail after being busted travelling at over 85km/h around the Albert Park street circuit which has a speed limit of 50km/h. Instead, he was fined $500 and had his licence revoked for six months.

Here's hoping Ruslan gives us a lift if the rumour is true.



    If I had the money I would get the Tesla Model S

      would be pretty useless buying one if you live in australia


    Why is there a hole in the bonnet?

      Speed holes. Makes the car go faster.

        Not far off the mark actually.

        Also electric motors and batteries generate heat that needs to be dissipated.

    Ha ha. I always thought it was RUSSIAN Kogan. I feel sorry for him though. Living in this nanny state where speeding is considered worse than murder. If I was him i'd move to northern territory where they aren't so paranoid about speed limits. As for doing 80kph around Albert park. The M6 would of been idling around there. The road is good and at times is nearly barren of traffic. But being Victoria. Lock up the car, fine the driver hundreds, rip his demerit points away and treat him like a murderous thug, but at the same time, release sex predators into the publicity knowing they will reoffend. Refuse to give pedophiles jail time and let people of for murder. The Victorian way.

    I read the review you did on the car earlier - it looks so awesome!! I can't wait for all this technology to make its way into cheaper cars in a few years time. It's clear that Ruslan Kogan has a passion for technology if he's buying one of these because for that sort of money he could buy a lambo or ferrari or any of those wanky flashy cars but he's choosing cockpit technology over wank appeal

    I'd rather he'd have gone to jail and been someone b*tch for a little while. It's completely pointless buying such a powerful car in Australia and it's clear at some point or another, he's going to take it for a spin to test its limits and endanger people's lives.

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