Report: This Could Be Amazon’s Rumoured 3D Smartphone

Report: This Could Be Amazon’s Rumoured 3D Smartphone

BGR has photos it claims show the long-rumoured Amazon smartphone. According to the report, the phone sports six cameras, and a novel hardware interface that creates a glasses-free 3D effect.

What you’re looking at in the image above is a photo of the phone covered in a protective case that obfuscates its design, so that unauthorised eyes can’t take a look at what’s going on under that shell. According to the report, this is one of two phones the company is developing. The first to launch will have a Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM. Those are standard specs seen on every flagship smartphone out there today.

Amazon’s phone will supposedly sport a 4.7-inch, 720p display. That screen size would be approximately the same as competitors, though lower resolution than the 1920×1080 flagships out there.

As for those six cameras, BGR says they will be used to track your eye position so that the phone can continuously alter the position of the elements on the screen to help achieve a 3D effect on the phone’s home screen wallpapers and in several apps. It’s out of character for Amazon to use such advanced technology. The company usually opts for the value play, offering cheaper hardware than its premium competitors.

The folks at BGR have a solid track record on Amazon leaks, so we’re inclined to believe the report. They say they have got several sources, but a rumour is a rumour until we’ve seen the real announcement. [BGR]