McLaren’s Secret Underground Test Track Is Unfortunately Not Real

McLaren’s Secret Underground Test Track Is Unfortunately Not Real

For the last decade, McLaren’s top secret, high speed, underground test track has been the source of countless rumours for Formula 1 fans and supercar aficionados alike. Bad news — it’s not real.

The 50 year old racing car company’s April 1st leak of a supposedly confidential blueprint on Twitter should have been the first sign that something was up. The blueprint above, clearly quickly cobbled together in Photoshop, shows a scaled-down version of the Silverstone GP circuit hidden underneath McLaren’s giant cylindrical Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey.

McLaren’s Twitter team followed up a few hours later with another tidbit, showing anyone still gullible enough to look a teaser of the underground test track’s interior.

The “first ever pic” of the underground complex? It’s the tunnel under the Fairmont Hotel on the Circuit de Monaco. Either McLaren’s underground circuit is real and is the most amazing driving experience on the entire planet, or someone sitting at a computer at company HQ is having a quiet chuckle.

Bonus: here’s a fantastic tour of the Technology Centre courtesy of /DRIVE on YouTube.