Let Nissan Teach You How To Say The Name Of Its New Car

Nissan Quasaski? Nissan Quashkee? Oh God it hurts my brain. I had no idea how to say the name of Nissan's new compact SUV until it put out this video explaining how to pronounce it. Ohhhhhhh! That's how.

To teach people just how to say the name of the new Qashqai (pronounced Cash-Kai), Nissan Australia gave people in a trendy cafe free coffee, and misspelled their names on purpose to make them look at their cups. Said cups would also have the name of the car, and a brief pronunciation guide.

So now you know too!

[HT The Motor Report]



    Dualis was much easier to say.

    I have an even better idea...

    Don't use such a stupid name next time.

    That one's free Nissan.

    Looks like Nissan hasn't learned from the Tiida-Pulsar debacle.

    The reason they're doing this is to try and pre-empt us calling it the "Cash cow". Should have just kept it as Dualis. Easily the best Nissan I've driven though, great size, great turning circle, easiest thing to park and decent fuel economy as well.

      Not sure you drove the same car I did...

    Not as bad as going to USA and hearing them talk about the new Neesun GTR.

      Actually they pronounce it correctly as phonetically that is how the Japanese say it.

    Miss-spelled, "Misspelled"? Oh dear.

    I would have used 'spelt' instead of 'spelled', but it looks like I'm old school according to ngram:


    Simple test... If more than 50% of people can't say it properly, then you need to rethink the name.

    Dear Nissan,


    yours sincerely,

    a once proud nissan fan

    Moronic name, why would you want to put people off buying your car?

    Mis-spelt. Or mis-spelled. But not miss-spelled.

    Qashqai is used in the European market. Dualis is a much better name. WTF Nissan Aus?

    Straight off Wikipedia:
    Nissan named the Qashqai after the Qashqai (pronounced Cash'ki) semi-nomadic tribe living in mountainous Southwestern Iran.[1] Nissan considered releasing the Chinese version as the CCUV (Compact Crossover Utility Vehicle). In Australia the Qashqai carries the name Dualis from the Japanese domestic market version because Nissan worried Qashqai could be pronounced "cash cow".[2]

      So it's not a new car, it's one we have had for a long time (as we are a test market) under a different name.

      Is it too much to ask for Giz to do 5 minutes of research on this before posting it to their Australian site?

    Its still going to mean cock in spanish.

    Ah yes the car the boys from Top gear keep making fun of.

    the Squish-squash or Kumquat

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