Lensbaby For Your Phone -- Now With An Android App

The Lensbaby range of digital SLR camera special effects lenses has been around for a decade, but the company is bringing their funky lens effects to smartphones. The Lensbaby Kickstarter project — already having reached twice its US$20,000 goal — has just added future support for Android phone cameras, with a dedicated Android app accompanying the existing "creative focus" lens.

We've already talked about the Lensbaby Kickstarter, and it clearly doesn't need any more pushing along to hit its target, but if you saw the project and didn't pledge for a lack of Android support — just like us — that problem is solved.

There's now an Android app in development by the guys at Lensbaby, and US$50 — plus another US$15 for international shipping — will now get you a Lensbaby Creative Lens for your Samsung, HTC, Sony or other Android smartphone, along with a download link for the app. It sounds like the app will be free anyway, but you'll have to have the Creative Lens to make the best use of it.

Lensbaby says the lens should fit over most Android phones' sensors, and it looks like a pretty simple optic anyway, but if it doesn't happen to suit your particular device, there's a 30-day refund window available. [Kickstarter]

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