I Wish Food Shopping In Australia Could Be This Good

I Wish Food Shopping In Australia Could Be This Good

Amazon has done a lot to improve the shopping experience by taking the pain out of delivering stuff to your house while making many products cheaper. Unfortunately, those who live outside of the US are still stuck in the 20th century when it comes to ordering stuff like food around your house. Amazon’s latest innovation to make food shopping easier makes me wish food shopping in Australia could be this good.

It’s called Amazon Dash, and it’s a cute little wand that lets you scan your existing groceries and monitor when you need to buy more.

It has a barcode scanner built into the end of it so you can quickly scan products in and catalogue your house, but it also has a voice option which lets you order more inventive stuff. Everything from chocolate chips to guitar strings will apparently be available.

The best part is that the Amazon Fresh team will deliver it usually within 24 hours.

It’s a closed beta right now, but it’s probably the smartest way we’ve seen to monitor the food and other perishable products within your house.

Sadly, because we’re in Australia, we won’t get it. Time to take the lead Woolies and Coles.