How To Make A Drill-Powered Pepper Grinder

If you’ve ever cooked pepper steak, you know the feeling of your forearms cramping up after what seems like hours of twisting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were just a machine that did all the hard work? Lucky for you, there is, and it’s probably in your garage. That is if you still have film canisters lying around for some reason.

In his latest video, kitchen hacker extraordinaire Alton Brown reveals how to make a drill-powered pepper grinder with regular household items in less than two minutes. (That is, assuming you have an old film canister lying around the house.) Brown’s been using a drill-powered pepper grinder on his various TV show for years, but now he’s finally sharing exactly how his hack works. And even if you don’t like that much pepper, it’s a fun party trick to pull out at your next barbecue.