Honeywell’s Bluetooth Air Purifier Knows When Your Allergies Are Bad

It’s allergy season every season for some people. Honeywell’s new Bluetooth-enabled Air Purifier talks uses your smartphone’s internet connection to monitor allergy reports and help you keep those sniffles under control.

The $US270 (pricey!) Honeywell HPA250B has a HEPA air filter and three different cleaning levels — germs, allergens, general clean — as well as a turbo setting for those really tough days. It’s got an automatic VOC sensor that works to filter those harmful compounds when they’re in the air as well.

Using the Honeywell app for iOS and Android you can control all of the purifiers’ functions. You’ll also receive alerts whenever any of the allergens that affect you are buzzing around at particularly high levels. Finally, someone who understands your pain. [Best Buy]