Holden's Aussie Design Studio Will Remain Open After Manufacturing Plant Closes

The Australian car manufacturing market is scheduled for extinction in the next few years, as major car makers from all over the world abandon their facilities in Australia for cheaper offshore labour. A small ray of light emerged from the rubble this morning, however, as news surfaced that Holden will keep its Australian design lab open beyond the 2017 close date.

Update: an earlier version of this story said that Mary Barra, GM's CEO, had said that the design jobs would stay in Australia when in fact the statement came from Michael Simcoe, Vice President of GMIO Design who told media that the GM Australia Design Centre had Barra's support. We apologise for the confusion.

Holden employs around 170 staff in its Design Centre in Melbourne, and it makes up one of ten other similar facilities around the world.

Ford also has pledged to keep its Design Centre in Australia post its manufacturing closure in the next few years.

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