Here's Why You Should Always Screw With Someone Wearing An Oculus Rift

Here's why you should always screw with someone wearing an Oculus Rift

Do you consider yourself a good friend? Well then the next time your buddy puts on the future scopes that is the Oculus Rift and starts getting amazed at the all-encompassing alternate reality, you have to give them a gentle push in the back to screw with their balance. They will start flailing for their lives and screaming and just look so ridiculous that it will be hilarious. It's what a good friend would do.

The future of friendship starts at around the 1 minute 25 second mark of this video of guys using the Oculus Rift in Russia. Uncontrollable laughter begins at the 1 minute 40 second mark. What are friends for but to laugh at your foolishness?

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