Here’s One Way To Build A Time Machine

Here’s One Way To Build A Time Machine

A couple of scientists recently came to the conclusion that either time travellers have yet to visit us or, they have not mastered the troublesome intricacies of Facebook and Twitter. I propose another theory — perhaps they haven’t had a Wi-Fi signal strong enough to retrieve their time machine prototypes. Any takes?

Doubters, the lot of you! Fair enough, I present the following evidence from one Sir Digby Chicken Caesar Captain R Humbly Hartley Wells, who is currently attempting to build a chrono-jumping “contraption” to return to his original time frame. So far, he’s managed to gather a number of important components; he’s even provided a photo of the finished product:

Apparently, plans are “to follow”.

I’m no expert on the fine points of bending time to your will, but I think it takes more than a good Wi-Fi signal and a coil of copper wire…