Google Glass To Go On Sale For One Day Only, Aussies To Miss Out

Feel like wearing the future on your face? Unless you're hopping onto a plane with $1500 in your mits in the next few days, you won't get the chance: Google will be selling Glass to the public next week, but only in the US.

That's right, Google's face computer will be on sale to every man and his dog on 15 April. You don't even have to be a pre-approved Glass Explorer, developer or friend of Google: anyone with $1500 (plus tax) can buy one.

That's right: it's still $1500.

Unfortunately, the Glass "promotion" is only available to US purchasers.

If you're going to be in the US over the next few days, you can sign up for it here.

Check out Google's full Plus post on the Glass promotion here.

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