Glowing Isotope Soap Is The Perfect Gift For Nuclear Lovers

Countless beauty products exist that claim they'll leave your skin glowing, but why bother trying them out when there's one that's guaranteed to provide just the right amount of illumination? What you need is this three-piece glow-in-the-dark soap set featuring everyone's favourite radioactive isotopes, plutonium and uranium.

The third part of the soap set, which is available from ThinkGeek for $US19.99, is a "fallout shelter", in case you can't stand the heat from the other two. They each radiate a different colour — green for uranium, blue for plutonium and a protective white for the shelter. Each bar weighs 120g and is about 25mm thick.

It goes without saying they're not actually radioactive, but it'll sure impress the Hazmat suits off your friends. Well, the ones that watch you shower anyway.

If you're keen to grab a pack, add $US9.64 for the cheapest shipping options.

[ThinkGeek, via The Awesomer]

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