Gizmodo Australia Has Heartbleed Plugged: What You Need To Know

Gizmodo Australia Has Heartbleed Plugged: What You Need To Know

This week, the internet has been hit with one of the biggest security scares in recent memory. It’s called Heartbleed, and it sucks. In the interest of disclosure, we want to tell you what we’ve done to look after your information.

Here at Allure Media on our tech and business sites (Lifehacker, Kotaku, Gizmodo and Business Insider) we use SSL with our login form for the comments. That information is submitted via HTTPS: the secure HTTP protocol. All profile page information that we keep is protected by HTTPS.

When we heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability we went straight to the root problem of OpenSSL. We saw that they had a new update, downloaded that onto our servers here and patched it as a level one priority.

We can therefore say that we have fixed any potential Heartbleed vulnerability as it pertains to OpenSSL on our tech sites.

We’re committed to keeping your information 100% safe when you use Allure Media, and that’s why we’re making this disclosure.

Of course, there are still passwords to change on other sites, and if you feel that you need to change your password on our services just to be safe, you can do so here.

We highly recommend the use of a password manager so that you are secure. You can find some great ones over at Lifehacker.