Game Of Thrones To Air Within Two Hours In Australia

Australia's national day of piracy is on again: it's Game Of Thrones season premiere day! Thankfully, Foxtel is going to air the first episode of season four in Australia within two hours of it ending in the US.

The first episode of season four will air on Showcase from 3:30pm, with digital copies to be distributed to Foxtel Go and Foxtel Presto soonafter.

Let's remember though, Foxtel signed an ironclad agreement with the people from HBO last year that meant iTunes and Google Play users would be denied access to the show where previously they could get it within 24 hours.

Foxtel does offer Game Of Thrones through its Go app, however, said app requires a Foxtel Play subscription rather than a specific home subscription.

How will you be watching Game Of Thrones? Legally or illegally? Tell us in the comments (and use a fake name if you must...)

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