Game Of Thrones Piracy: By The Numbers Around The World

Game Of Thrones Piracy: By The Numbers Around The World

Pirates downloading Game Of Thrones In Australia is bad, and the story is the same around the world. Everyone from Sydney to London is pirating HBO’s flagship show. The pirate’s justification is that the show simply costs too damn much. Here’s how much you pay for Game Of Thrones around the world on legal channels.

TorrentFreak has done a quick whip-around with the numbers, and it makes for pricey reading.

Foxtel in Australia will push you onto its $72 per month home option to get the show, but has recently outed a streaming product in Foxtel Play that will cost just $35 per month.

Canadians are left paying $58 per month for the show, while a full package in the US can cost over $100 per month.

In one case in the UK, each episode can cost as much as £22.

Foxtel’s head of corporate communications, Bruce Meagher, took to the internet last week to scold pirates for stealing the show, saying that if you can’t afford something like a Ferrari, you shouldn’t try and steal it just because you want to.

The letter is full of backwards logic like that, which you can check out over here.

The bottom line is that Game Of Thrones is now considered luxury TV. Is it really worth the money?

Check out the full by the numbers here.