Flipping Smart Cars In San Francisco Is A Thing Now

Smart Cars are great. They're made by Mercedes for squeezing around tight cities like San Francisco. But the shining jewel on the Californian coastline is now home to something more sinister for these novelty cars: people are flipping them over as a prank.

Look. It's not funny. It's maliciously damaging to people's property that they work very hard for.

But at the same time, it is funny. It's hysterical. I imagine the Smart Car protesting like Eeyore as vandals push it over. Oooohhhhhhhhh wellllllllll. Amazing.

Considering it's in San Francisco, it's either a new wave protest against tech companies and gentrification, or it's an art project.

Either way, it's one of those things you can't help but laugh about. [Jalopnik]

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