Every Boot Needs A Backup Phone Battery That Can Jumpstart Your Car

By now there are countless backup batteries on the market that promise to revive a dead smartphone when there’s no power outlet in sight. But the JUMPR promises to be there for another thing you probably never leave home without — your car.

With 6000mAh of power, you can actually recharge a couple of smartphones or bring a tablet back to life through its USB charging port. But since the JUMPR also provides 12 volts of power at a peak of 300 amps, it can also be used to jumpstart most four-cylinder and six-cylinder engine vehicles. So if you accidentally left your headlights on, you don’t need to flag down another vehicle or drag out some heavy 11kg booster.

And at $US70 when it’s available on May 1st, it’s not an expensive proposition to keep a fully charged JUMPR in your backpack and your car’s glovebox at all times. It even comes with a set of proprietary jumper cables so you don’t need to borrow a set from a friend, or steal them from your neighbour’s open garage. [Juno Power]