'Escape From XP': Microsoft Parodies Death Of XP With Browser Game

This week, Microsoft officially marked Windows XP as "end-of-life", which means it will no longer provide updates or support for the aging operating system. The company decided to celebrate XP's end with a neat browser game called "Escape From XP" that, despite what you may think, doesn't involve typing "format c:" into a command prompt.

This post was originally published on Kotaku Australia.

As CNET's Eric Mack writes, the team responsible for Internet Explorer decided the death of one of Microsoft's most popular products didn't have to be a sombre affair. The game itself is a straightforward Contra-style shooter where you must face off against hordes of anthropomorphised icons for the Recycle Bin and IE.

It won't hold your attention for long, but it's definitely one of the more humorous distractions to come out of Microsoft in a while. Plus, it feels good to hit the giant red nuke button at the end... I mean, it's the only way to be sure.

[Modern.IE, via CNET]

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