Dendy Prepares On-Demand Movie And TV Service For Australia

Dendy Cinemas, which currently runs 27 screens across Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, will soon be launching a subscription-free movie & TV service for both home media setups and mobile.

We'll be able to watch movies and TV both "at home or on the go" with Dendy's new service, and if Dendy Direct follows the path of its parent cinema company, it'll feature a mix of triple-A blockbusters and artistic indie content.

The service promises no late fees and no subscriptions — and while late fees seem farcical in the digital age, the lack of subscriptions could mean a pay-as-you-go model, which could be exactly what some people are looking for. Specifically, those who shun Foxtel for bundling content in a way that forces people to pay way more than they should. In other words, a lot of people.

The scope for how this could turn out is quite large. At best, it's the solution we've been waiting for, arriving sooner than Netflix or Hulu properly and legally find their way to Australia. Or, its prices could have no practical difference to Foxtel. We'll just have to wait and see, but a common-sense approach to media would be very well received in Australia.

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