Create Instant Hot Wheels Tracks With A Roll Of Road

The only downside to that giant web of plastic Hot Wheels tracks criss-crossing your child’s playroom is that they’re essentially a permanent installation. So if you find yourself visiting family and need some place for die-cast cars to cruise, this 50m roll of instant drag strip should fit the bill.

The roll itself — made of paper that can be customised with coloured pencils — will set you back about $10. But you can add on four-packs of rounded corners or four-way intersections for an extra $5.

Cleanup is as easy as rolling the road back onto the spool. But if weather conditions have resulted in dangerous chocolate milk flooding, you can also just crumple up the whole course and toss it in a recycling bin. No jackhammers or expensive concrete demolition required. Just a little imagination. [Road On a Roll via Fancy]