Chart The Quality Of Your Favourite TV Show With GraphTV

Chart The Quality Of Your Favourite TV Show With GraphTV

Not convinced whether it’s worth sticking with The Wire, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead? Kevin Wu’s Graph TV tool lets you see whether you’ve picked a winner. The site compiles a chart of users’ ratings of TV show episodes on IMDb, plotting the rise and fall of ratings over each season.

GraphTV itself is pretty simple; type in the name or IMDb ID of any television series, and the site puts together a simple graph for each season of that show that charts the rating of each episode, giving you an optional trend line for the quality of a season or of an entire show’s run. Here’s how The Walking Dead has performed over its four seasons so far:

As you can see, the show suffered with fans through its first season, picked up in the second, then dive-bombed in the slow third before performing its strongest in the just-finished fourth season. Compare that to The Wire:

And Seinfeld:

And Game of Thrones:

It’s easy to waste a few minutes seeing how your fellow TV watchers rate your favourite TV series; for older series, there’s something fascinating about seeing the slow but definite demise as viewers lose interest. Just look at Happy Days for a good example of that.