Captain America’s ‘To-Do List’ Is Different For Each Country. Here’s Australia’s

Here’s a fun little easter egg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: In the beginning of the movie, we get a peek of Captain America’s list of things he missed out on while he was asleep. Things like I Love Lucy and the Moon landing and Steve Jobs fill up his cute “things to catch up on to do list” but the funny thing is that the list is different depending on which country the movie is shown in.

Reddit user DavinderB compiled screenshots from all the different versions of Captain America 2 to show the slight differences in perspective around the world. Though the last five items on the list stay the same (that would be Thai Food, Star Wars/Trek, Nirvana, Rocky and Troubleman), the first five things change to reflect a particular country’s interest. That’s why America gets the Moon landing while Russia gets the Soviet Union dissolution and the UK gets The Beatles.

It’s fun to think of what Captain America would be into learning from each country. You can see the full list here.

Here is the list for Australia:

The UK:

And in Russia:

In France:

In South Korea:

In Italy:

In Mexico: