Aussie Killed By Drone Strike In Yemen

Aussie Killed By Drone Strike In Yemen

Australia was yesterday violently and tragically dragged into the drone war being waged on terror by the United States in the Middle East, after an Australian with alleged terrorist ties was reportedly killed by a remote drone strike.

It’s being reported by The Australian that an Australian man along with another New Zealand man were killed last November in the eastern region of Hadramout as part of a convoy.

The convoy was hit by one of the US Air Force’s controversial Predator drones.

The US alleges that the New Zealand man was under surveillance by intelligence agencies and had attended terrorist training camps in the region.

Both men were alleged to be Al-Qaeda operatives, and were killed in a strike that also claimed the lives of three other alleged Al-Qaeda members.

NZ Prime Minister, John Key, has said that the strikes were justified, “given that three of the people killed were well-known Al-Qaeda operatives”.

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