Audi's New Q4 Crossover SUV Design Sketches Are Imposing

Crossover, soft-roader SUVs are one of the fastest-growing segments in motoring right now. Every marque wants to have a car that can hold the kids and their football gear, but also fit into a tight parking spot in the middle of the city. The new Audi Q4 crossover — so that's a bit bigger than the Q3, but smaller than the Q5 — might look something like these concept sketches released by the Audi Design Team, if it's ever released.

Coming to us via Autocar, these design images show a rather wide, rather low, and rather attractive vehicle. Like any concept, it's a little over-cooked — there's barely any tyre rubber stretched over those enormous five-spoke rims, and rear visibility wouldn't exactly be great — but if it morphs into a road-going car, it could look like a bulked-up version of the RS6 Avant — and we certainly wouldn't complain about that.

OK, it's not yet confirmed as a Q4, but the naming convention makes sense. There are some obvious design cues from previous Audi concepts, like the Allroad Shooting Brake shown at the Detroit Auto Show. We don't ever expect that a concept, let alone concept drawings, will ever see the light of day as a production vehicle, but if it did, we certainly wouldn't be unhappy spotting the Q4 scooting around the inner city. [Autocar]

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