Google’s Android Icons May Be Getting A Makeover

Google’s Android Icons May Be Getting A Makeover

One thing that iOS has had over Android for a long time is the constant, ceaseless march of progress in its interface design. With iOS 7, then iOS 7.1, Apple’s mobile operating system received a huge visual makeover. Google hasn’t been so heavy-handed, and because of that, some of its app icons are starting to look a little staid. That seems set to change, though, with rumours of an upcoming overhaul of Android icons in the works.

Image via Android Police

Android Police reports a credible rumour — they say there’s a 70 per cent chance of it being accurate — that Android icons may be getting a complete overhaul as part of Google’s Moonshine project. If you’re using a Google Nexus 5 or other vanilla Android smartphone, the entire icon set will likely be revamped as part of Moonshine, but with so many manufacturers like Samsung and HTC making their own mark on basic Android apps, the upgrade will be less visible. It’s restricted to first-party apps, so replacements like Samsung’s S Planner (taking the place of Calendar)

If you’re a regular user of Gmail, Maps, Hangouts, the Play Store and other first-party Android apps, this icon refresh is a long time coming; we’re personally starting to notice the age of the Gmail icon especially against more recent releases (like the camera and Hangouts, which is an example of more attractive shading at work).

Android Police has a long list of proposed icon upgrades, which seem to look more three-dimensional and generally have larger blocks of colour — Maps, for example, loses its green and blue. We think they look good, if they’re ever released. [Android Police]