Amateur Michelangelos Can Sculpt This Marble Vase Themselves

It’s been said that sculpting a masterpiece from a chunk of marble is easy; all you have to do is remove the unnecessary bits. So even if they lack any talent, aspiring Rodins and Michelangelos can turn this Introverso2 vase into a curvy room accent. All you need to know is how to swing a hammer.

The vase starts off as what appears to be a stack of marble coasters, but when viewed from the side, the curves of the vase hidden within are revealed. If you prefer the boxy look, you can leave the Introverso2 as is. But if your inner sculptor is begging to be let out, you can use a hammer to chip away the superfluous pieces of marble until the more recognisable shape inside is revealed.

The piece even seems like a great way for someone to vent their frustrations. Once it’s complete and they have calmed down, it’s ready for a calming and serene bouquet of flowers. [CactusDesign via Dornob]