Adorable Baby Freaking Out About A Car Wash Is How We Should All Feel

Adorable baby freaking out about a car wash is how we should all feel

You can totally imagine what this adorable kid going through an automatic car wash for the first time is thinking. He takes a swig out of his juice to take the edge off but is quickly shocked at what he's seeing. He looks all around at the car wash gadgets (which he probably thinks are monsters), does a double take, a triple take and looks over at his parent with a face that basically says: "Yo, you see this shit?"

It's unbelievably cute. Because cute kids are unbelievably cute. And when cute kids who are unbelievably cute see technology in action for the first time, more unbelievably cute things happen.

But really, this kid's adorable reaction is how we should all feel about the amazingness that goes on around us every day. We take the stuff that makes our life easier for granted because it's always been around us. We're domesticated to tech. This kid believes it's magic. But seriously, if you came to Earth right now, think of all the things you'd be amazed at if you saw it for the first time. Just like this kid. Only probably less cute.

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