ABC To Put Entire Season Of Chris Lilley’s ‘Jonah From Tonga’ On iView Before It Airs On TV

ABC To Put Entire Season Of Chris Lilley’s ‘Jonah From Tonga’ On iView Before It Airs On TV

Do you prefer watching stuff on a tablet, smartphone or laptop instead of on a TV? What about binge watching? Are you into that? The ABC has you covered: Auntie is set to stream every single episode of Chris Lilley’s new show, Jonah From Tonga on its online catch-up platform iView before the season premiere next week.

The ABC will pack iView to the gills with Jonah content this weekend, with viewers able to stream the new show first online. From 6pm on Friday, the whole season will become available on iView, until 6pm on Sunday when it’s taken down. The show will then go back up episode-by-episode as it airs on ABC1.

Jonah From Tonga follows Jonah Takalua from the original Summer Heights High series in his journey to graduate year 12 without being expelled from school for his pattern of bad behaviour. The season premiere on the ABC is Wednesday night, but thanks to iView, you’ll have probably all seen it by then.

This isn’t the first time that streaming viewers have been rewarded for their use of the iView platform. The ABC made the landmark move of throwing a new season of Doctor Who onto iView within an hour of it airing on the BBC in the UK, rather than make viewers wait for the show to air on terrestrial TV first.

That’s a stark contrast to other free-to-air players like Ten, Seven and Nine, as well as Pay TV provider Foxtel, who make viewers wait until shows have aired on their network first before sticking them up on respective catch-up apps for streaming.

Enjoy your weekend’s entertainment!