A Watch That’s Made For Wasting Time And Telling It

Smartwatch makers can boast about how their devices will boost our productivity, but eventually they will all mostly be used for gaming when it’s inappropriate to access our phones. But as Valbray’s Oculus Minotaurus demonstrates, your watch doesn’t need to be particularly smart to be entertaining.

Hidden beneath what looks like a camera’s 16-blade shutter is a compact maze that has you manoeuvring a tiny ball to the center of the labyrinth. It might seem like the replay value would be limited, but since the watch’s second hand is right there, you’ll be constantly working to beat your best time.

Yes, paying $13,800 to sneak in etc is borderline ludicrous. But the watch itself does feature a gold bezel and an automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve. The current crop of smartwatches won’t even run that long without a charge. [Valbray via Hodinkee]