7 Brilliant April Fools’ Products We Hope Become Real One Day

7 Brilliant April Fools’ Products We Hope Become Real One Day

Thanks to the hardworking folks at ThinkGeek, the absolute worst day of the year is once again made a little more bearable with a bunch of April Fools’ Day prank products that are all actually kind of awesome. And not only are ThinkGeek’s prank products remarkably convincing, they’re often very plausible.

After all, the company ended up actually putting its Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag prank into production. And if we all keep our fingers crossed, maybe that tiny flux capacitor will find its way into all of our cars one day too.

Flux Capacitor Car Charger

If you need to time travel, you’ll have to find some way to generate 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. But if you need to charge your iPad, 2.1 Amps of power is more than sufficient. And that’s what this adorable BTTF-themed car charger provides to two separate USB ports. So you can charge your phone, your tablet, and spark your time-travelling animation with this cigarette adaptor’s wonderful ‘fluxing’ light show. [ThinkGeek]

Nerf Nuke

They say close only counts for horseshoes, hand grenades and nuclear warfare. And if your terrible aim means you’re always on the losing side of office foam dart battles, the Nerf Nuke will let you instantly unleash a barrage of 80 tiny darts that are all but guaranteed to hit at least one of your targets. [ThinkGeek]

Star Trek USS Enterprise Flying Disc Frisbee

Even the most optimistic of Trekkies has come to terms with the fact that there won’t be a working Enterprise built in their lifetime. It’s depressing, but there are ways to fill that empty hole in their hearts. Like this awesome Star Trek-themed frisbee featuring a plastic saucer connected to a foam ship that stabilises the Enterprise in flight. “Beam us up Scotty… to that tree over there so we can get our frisbee down again.” [ThinkGeek]

Laser-Guided Tactical Necktie

You’re forced to wear a tie to work, but shouldn’t that tie be working for you? Outfitted with MOLLE clips this tactical tie can be outfitted with pockets for carrying tools, emergency supplies and breath mints. And since everything is better with a built-in laser, this tie has one of those two — perfect for focusing your audience’s attention during a presentation, or just some good old-fashioned office harassment. [ThinkGeek]

Mr Beard Instant Beard Machine

Discerning coffee drinkers might hate them, but those single-serve cup-based coffee makers are only growing in popularity. To the point where it only makes sense that other things should come in instant cup form too — like beards and goatees. You just stick your face into the Mr Beard, and after a few minutes you’ll be left with a stylish, attractive facial accessory — or a soul patch — whichever you choose. [ThinkGeek]

Das Can-in-Stein Beer Can Holder

Octoberfest might be months and months away, but there’s no reason you can’t start practising your stein hosting now. Made from plastic resin designed to look like traditional pewter, the Dan Can-in-Stein lets you insert any standard sized aluminium beverage container, and make you feel like your enjoying spirits from a traditional Germain stein — complete with a thumb-operated flip-top lid. [ThinkGeek]

Darkmage LED Spellcasting Staff

Finally, your Gandalf fantasies can get just a little more real with this spell-casting staff that serves as the perfect accessory to your Technomancer hoodie — and your overactive imagination. Using multiple LEDs, sound effects and motion-activated light displays, you can perform a bevy of spells and enchantments. Everything from ‘you will not walk away while I show you my staff’ to ‘please stop shaking your head in disgust every time I walk by’. [ThinkGeek]